4 thoughts on “Shifts of Hope”

  1. hi guys
    well done!!! hope the shifts of hope will go down well in the history of VAST!! I am with you guys in spirit take care and enjoy

  2. Hi Asha, I hope all is well with you in the states. The guys have done a great job. Kudos to the VAST spirit. I know the ‘Shifts of Hope’ will be the stepping stone for VAST.

  3. Magically I manage to download this page… Internet is so slow that I have time to eat before I can see one page….. What a wonderful achievement you did !!! Looking forward to see it next month. Will be in spirit with all of you today !
    “Shifts of hope” what a wonderful new beginning…. I am going to Gelephu on Thursday to spend the weekend with Karma Wanchuck. Will he survive my visit???
    Missing you all…
    Enjoying the farm life in Taktse…

  4. ya they did a great job, Asha and Madam Y we miss you both. I will update the website with today’s detail for you guys.