19 thoughts on “Contact VAST”

  1. Dear Vast,
    I am a nationally exhibiting artist, interested in this program. I heard about it through my alumni connection through MICA where Regina DeLuise has exhibited her photographs. She left pamphlets on your program. I have been interested in traveling to Bhutan for quite some time and was wondering if there are an opportunities available for donating my time and traveling to your program for volunteer opportunities.
    Thank you for your time,
    Jessica Schimpf

  2. Please I would like to know if there is any possibility of an internship in your organisation. I am a recently graduated Political Scientist from Spain. Kind regards.

  3. Dear Vast,

    I am a interior designer&illustrator based in Istanbul, interested in this program.
    I will be in Bhutan between dates 23th september-05th october 2012.
    (will be in Thimpu on 24th october.)
    In my trip ,’d like to visit Vast and spend some time with children,doing some artworks.
    Looking forward to get your reply.

    Thank you
    Best Regards
    Gamze Yalçın

  4. Dear Kama Wangdi,
    I m a visual artist(scluptor) from India, I am looking forward for any kind of collaborative art projects with your organization.

    Bhuvanesh Gowda

  5. Dear Vast,

    I am looking forward to get your feedback soon about collaborative art projects with your organization.

    Gamze Yalçın

  6. Hi There,

    I’m coming to Bhutan for the Spring Festival in March 2013 for about 7 days. As a visiting artist/ anthropologist I would like to exhibit my installation at your gallery – would be great to have Bhutan contributing to the study of Consciousness that I’m conducting with this interactive travelling installation. I would also like to give a couple of workshops.

    Please contact me to discuss – I can send you a link to a podcast from a talk I gave about my work recently and there’s further information on the installation on website


    Kind regards
    Maria Lopes

  7. Hello,
    We are interested in teaching and collaborating with students on an interactive art project while we are in Bhutan. We are an artist and an art historian from Madison, WI USA both with substantial experience curating art exhibitions. Please contact us to discuss further and we will happily forward our credentials and more information.
    With best regards,

  8. Dear Vast,

    I have recently graduated with a Masters in International Relations and Diplomacy from Leiden University in the Netherlands. I am from Assam, India. I came across your website and the projects that you have which really sparked my interest to learn from you. I have always been drawn to Bhutan, the society, the land, its culture and people as it is so close to Assam and have basically grown up alongside. I have also really enjoyed the company of Bhutanese people that I have met which has furthered my interest in working with and for an organization whose philosophy aligns with mine. I am especially interested in Art as activism and believe culture to be the soul of a people.
    I would love for a chance to intern or volunteer with you and hope that you will be interested as well; Thank you for taking the time to consider this application,
    Warm Regards


  9. Hello,
    Your organisation seems wonderful. Are you in need of any extra helping hands next year? I and my thirteen year old son would be delighted to offer whatever skills and energy we have. We are Australians. I am a writer and I have taught creative writing classes to children, I even helped them to publish a book of their short stories recently. I also work as a disability support worker (work that I love, but not high-paying!). I would love for my son to experience another world entirely from our capitalist, materialist culture, for him to know that there are other ways of life. But we don’t have very much money. We do have skills and energy and good hearts! Please let us know if there is a way we can be of service, so that we may experience your world and share what we have to share.

  10. Dear Vast,

    I’m an anthropology graduate student from Israel, currently traveling around India.

    I stumbled upon your fantastic program, and would
    love to know whether there are any available short term or
    long term volunteer/work opprotunities.
    I have extensive experience in teaching (kindergarten, youth and university level), production and research.

    In appreciation,


  11. Dear Sir,

    I am a professional photographer and film-maker in Canada.

    I am requesting an invitation from your organization to visit Bhutan. This invitation will help me bypass the regular $250 daily fee.

    In return, I will produce a complimentary photo essay and promotional video to help raise awareness of your organization internationally. This of course will play a significant role in contributing to your fund-raising efforts.

    Examples of television programs and promotional videos I’ve developed can be seen on our website http://www.dougsvideo.com

    I plan to travel to Asia in early 2013 and visit several countries in Asia including Bhutan.

    If you have any questions in this regard kindly contact me at your convenience.


    Douglas Spencer
    Toronto, Canada
    (416) 246-0708
    [email protected]


  13. Hello,

    I am a British student working for a professional services firm. From March 2013, I am going travelling around Asia for 6 Months, and I am interested in any volunteering opportunities for your organisation in Bhutan.

    I am very keen to help, so please do get back to me.



  14. hi,
    i am interested in admitting my younger brother in the art classes you conduct this winter. he is 15 years old and a class nine student. i would be grateful to know how to go about. thank you.

  15. Dear Vast
    On going through it gives me a great pleasure that such a Mission is being carried out by your Organisation for a noble Cause. I am living adjacent to BHUTAN and I am very much interested to shoulder on some responsibilities… as I have been in this field since last fifteen years though I an Novice and want to learn from you…
    Please do mail.

  16. hi kama .. i don’t know whether you remember me .. from the indo bhutan camp … .. dorji may remember me .. anyways how are you … i would like to contribute a small amount of money to vast … pl advise me how to go about it ….

  17. It is very interesting to hear VAST is helping the community to build their creative and artistic energy. We have an NGO called United Artists of Maldives. We will be happy if we could come over there to conduct a workshop. As we live four feet above see level it will be interesting for your artists to know about sea, beach and island life and at the same time we could learn a lot from you. For us high in the mountains will be a great experience. Anticipating a response.

    Best Regards
    Ahmed Suveyb
    United Artists of Maldives